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Deluge systems

Deluge systems are permament fire-extinguishing installations where water or water with foaming agent is used as the extinguishing agent. The basic elements of deluge systems are: adequate water supply, electric or diesel pump, alarm and contol device (solenoid valve), supply and distribution pipes, nozzles and alarm and fire detection system. The principle of operation is…

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Gas systems

Gas fire suppression systems are used for fire protection of the machines, server rooms, electrical rooms and other objects of great value. The advantage of gas fire suppression systems is the high efficiency and the possibility of quick resuming of the work of the protected object without the need of cleaning. There are few gases…

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Foam systems

In case of extinguishing the substances such as oils, alcohols, chemicals, gasoline, paints, etc. foam systems are applied due to their high effectivity provided by covering the designed area with a layer of foam . Foam is made by mixing of the foaming agent AFFF or AR-AFFF and water. A suitable thickness of the foam…

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SAP systems

Fire alarm and detection (SAP) system enables to detect fire in an early stage of its development. SAP transfers information about fire to place of constant surveillance, fire alarm control panel or directly to the National Fire Guard. In the plants where SAP has been installed automatic fire detectors and manual fire alarm button (ie.…

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Hydrant systems

  Hydrant systems are permament extinguishing systems that provide quick and effective action in case of fire burst. The external hydrant systems are used for fire-fighting in the open, while the internal hydrant installations cover the building and facilities from the inside. Hydrants, both internal and external enable efficient fire-fighting thanks to the constant access…

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Concepts and audits of the fire protections systems

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