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The company Anpol Sprink Sp. z o.o. was established as a result of growing market demand, where the fire safety guarantee is an essential component of the protection of property and business conducting. The pillars of our company are experienced professionals, who have managed many interesting projects in their career.

This makes us a major partner with whom even the largest projects run quickly and as planned.

We perform the installations according to the international standards:

NFPA, FM Global, VdS, PN-EN 12 845

We are looking forward to cooperate with you- Anpol Sprink Sp. z o.o. team

Please be advised that our company received the title Business Cheetah 2018 (Gepardy Biznesu 2018), awarded in the eleventh edition of the Business Cheetah Competition 2018.

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Our services

  • Sprinkler systems

    09 Feb 0 Comments

    Sprinkler systems are permanent fire extinguishing systems where water or water with foaming agent is used as the extinguishing agent.

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  • Deluge systems

    09 Feb 0 Comments

    Deluge systems are permament fire-extinguishing installations where water or water with foaming agent is used as the extinguishing agent. The

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  • Gas systems

    09 Feb 0 Comments

    Gas fire suppression systems are used for fire protection of the machines, server rooms, electrical rooms and other objects of

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  • Foam systems

    09 Feb 0 Comments

    In case of extinguishing the substances such as oils, alcohols, chemicals, gasoline, paints, etc. foam systems are applied due to

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  • SAP systems

    09 Feb 0 Comments

    Fire alarm and detection (SAP) system enables to detect fire in an early stage of its development. SAP transfers information

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  • Hydrant systems

    09 Feb 0 Comments

      Hydrant systems are permament extinguishing systems that provide quick and effective action in case of fire burst. The external

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Main stages of realization

Design based on NFPA, FM GLOBAL, VdS, PN EM 12 845

Approval of plans by the customer, construction supervision, insurer

Performing of the system in the plant basing on our employees and subcontractors

Training plant employees to operate the installation

Handover of the system after the acceptances of the construction supervisor and insurer

Warranty and post warranty service

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Contact information

  Anpol Sprink Sp. z o.o.
  ul. Katowicka 105
  43-190 Mikołów
  +48 518 364 524

  NIP 954 274 84 49
  REGON 243554463
  KRS 0000508090
  District Court Katowice-East in Katowice

  VIII Commercial Division

  Millennium Bank
  PLN 83 1160 2202 0000 0002 6093 0959
  EUR 66 1160 2202 0000 0002 6100 5761

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